A Novella

Dirty Butter is the story of a woman whose outward parade of colossal confidence cloaks a total absence of self-worth driven deep into her psyche by a hate-filled, contemptuous grandmother.


She employs, at will, sarcasm and sexuality in an effort to influence the thoughts and actions of others.  Skirting around her husband’s suspicions and drop-kicking the feelings of other women, she enslaves those around her with the embittered chains that hang around her heart—courtesy of Granny Alma.


In spite of feeling thoroughly unworthy of the love her husband freely gives, she capitalizes on his crippling need to believe in her.  But, in truth, she waits for the day he will discover the mistake he made in loving her and through her scandalous conduct she knowingly makes that day more of a looming likelihood.


After relocating to New Orleans, she encounters a woman who ultimately helps to steer her to the path of admission and restoration—a path that she did not believe someone of her disreputable character could ever hope to tread.


"I'm here to save you from your selfish, twisted excuse for a life."  Julie laughed in a way that completely grated against her actual personality.  "No, no I'm toying with you."  Julie had reworded a phrase from Christina's end of their first tete-a-tete,  a conversation Julie had committed to memory and Christina had never given a second thought.  "I'm just here to avenge myself."


Mountains on the Moon is the story of four young women whose lives become enmeshed in a black web of lurid lies and sordid secrets, extreme exploitations, and bitter betrayals.


Amanda travels to New Orleans with vengeance as her only motive, the result of a lackluster finish to a heady romance.  She meets Sammy quickly and imagines her mission will be achieved with relative ease.  But her impulsive move to the Crescent City does not follow her script and the surprise ending nearly blows her away.


Victoria is a New Orleanian–born, raised, and still living in her parents’ mansion on St. Charles Avenue.  She has wealth, beauty, and a life purposely void of any real promise.  She has locked herself up in the closet of her mind and welcomes the confinement–it keeps her from having to confront the woman she has become.


Agreeing to a scheme that Camille believes will lead her to the recognition and money she so desperately needs, she escapes her nightmarish existence in Indiana and arrives in New Orleans where all is fresh and untainted.  Here, in her mother’s hometown, she attempts to live beyond the memory of her mother’s death and beyond the limitations that life has forced upon her.


Nichole is in the midst of divorcing a husband who sees the vow of forsaking all others as debatable.  In an uncharacteristic moment of abandon, she engages in a one-night stand that has consequences that extend well outside the norm.  Unable to continue to keep her secret from her dysfunctional family, she ends up in New Orleans to show them rather than tell them.


Things had progressed much more quickly than Mandy had ever thought possible.  Time was definitely on her side.  The Gator Lounge had certainly provided her with much more than a safe haven in the midst of airport traffic turmoil.  Sammy had no idea of all that he had provided her.  But eventually he would.


Smiling as she succumbed to the whispered promises of rejuvenation from slumber’s invitation, she murmured into the king-sized pillow, “I even amazed myself this time.”

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