At the age of 10, I began writing poetry as a way to cope with my grandmother's death.  Twenty years later, as the means to retain as much of myself as I could while enduring a psychologicallly, emotionally, and physically abusive marriage, I began my first novel, Mountains on the Moon.  But one early Sunday morning, what became Dirty Butter, jolted me out of sleep, causing me to literally run from my bed straight to the computer.  The prologue seemed to just tumble out of my mind without pause.  From that point on, I wrote Mountains on the Moon and Dirty Butter simultaneously. 


Nine years later, freedom came for me, and not long after, I became reacquainted with my voice and began a blog using the moniker, Wild Heart Scribe.  It would take another 6 years, but I finally penned Always Was Who I Always Am, which is my autobiographical account written in poetry.  This was followed very closely by And Then Came Love, a second book of poetry, which further explores my reclaimed life and living in my new now which is ever expanding. 


In the beginning, writing was purely my method of coping with loss and fear and even danger and hopelessness, but it has evolved into a celebratory expression of all that I am in any given moment.  I do not hesitate to share and speak the truth of me because it took so long to come back to who I always was and am that now I just don't know how to be quiet.  And, I wouldn't have it any other way.

In love and wonder,


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